Cardiac and Vascular Center

As Primaya Hospital’s primary service, the Center for Cardiovascular and Vascular Services is always supported by medical staff (such as Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons), paramedics, and professional non-medical personnel. This superior service is equipped with modern equipment that is operated by trained Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons on a par with the best heart hospital services.

Facilities and Services for Cardiovascular and Heart Service Centers:


  • One of the things that needs to be done to prevent heart disease and blood vessels is through consultation with a Cardiologist. Primaya Hospital provides the best cardiologist to answer and fulfill your every question and need.
  • Perform routine health checks to maintain your heart health at least once a year with a medical check-up program provided by Primaya Hospital. The heart examination owned by Primaya Hospital is complete as is the examination at the best heart house. There are many methods for examining heart health that can be selected and adjusted to your needs and preferences. Keep in mind to always consult with a Cardiologist at Primaya Hospital before carrying out these routine health checks.
  • Routine consultation every 3 months is highly recommended, especially for people with diabetes and hypertension. Our Cardiologist will provide necessary information on the development of your health transparently so you can know exactly how healthy your heart is.

Examination or Diagnostics by a Cardiologist

Primaya Hospital has many facilities to handle heart and blood vessel health checks as well as the best heart hospitals. Our Cardiologist is a trained cardiologist who can perform examinations using a variety of modern tools such as:

  • Cardiac record (Electrocardiogram or ECG heart examination)
  • Heart training test
  • Record heart electricity 24 hours
  • Record blood pressure 24 hours
  • Ultrasonography (USG) of the heart or blood vessels
  • Chest radiograph
  • Heart photography with Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
  • Coronary angiography and peripheral vascular angiography
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Electrophysiological Cardiac Examination

Therapy or Treatment by a Cardiologist

Primaya Hospital always provides many ways to treat various heart health conditions in patients. Heart surgery can be performed by a reliable cardiac surgeon with several facilities including:

  • Stenting (for cases of coronary heart disease)
  • Stenting (for cases of peripheral vascular disease)
  • Permanent pacemaker placement
  • Therapy for electrical disorders or heart rhythms
  • Open heart surgery by the best Cardiac Surgeon in the field
  • Therapy and treatment for heart failure
  • Therapy and treatment for high blood pressure

Management of Cardiac Emergency – 24 hours

Heart disease is a fatal and critical thing where every second treatment is very meaningful for heart sufferers. Primaya Hospital understands your needs so we always prepare our best service for 24 hours for you. Like a heart hospital, Primaya Hospital conducts emergency cardiac care which includes:

  • Management of cardiac emergency department
  • Widening of the coronary arteries and stenting – without delay by the cardiologist
  • Temporary pacemaker placement
  • Provision of an ambulance pickup