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Oncology Center

Primaya Hospital has an Oncology Service Center that is supported by professional and competent medical personnel in their fields and is equipped with modern facilities. Supported by reliable oncology specialists in their fields, The Oncology Service Center focuses on healing and treating cancer patients.

Facilities at the Oncology Service Center

Services provided at the Primaya Hospital Oncology Service Center consist of consultation, prevention, detection and therapy. Cancer is basically a disease that arises due to genetics or lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer in a person. Primaya Hospital provides oncology specialists who can provide healthy lifestyle consultations to prevent the emergence of cancer.

Cancer is one of the highest causes of death in various countries, including Indonesia. Therefore, Primaya Hospital provides cancer prevention in the form of an HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

Given the importance of early detection of cancer, Primaya Hospital also provides Mammography, Ultrasonography (USG) Mammae, Pap Smear, and Endoscopy facilities. The earlier the detection of cancer, the greater the chance for recovery. To detect further cancer, Primaya Hospital also has an examination using sophisticated tools such as Computerized Tomography Scan (CT Scan) 128 Slices and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 1.5 Tesla so that the diagnosis of cancer is more accurate and the therapy given to certain cancers can be better targeted. It is conducted due to the fact that cancer in certain areas of the body is very difficult to detect by regular examination.

In addition to prevention, Primaya Hospital can also carry out therapy for cancer by performing chemotherapy actions in the form of injecting anti-cancer substances to prevent the growth of cancer cells or kill the cancer cells.

Oncology Service Center facilities at Primaya Hospital are an integrated cancer center supported by experts such as Surgical Oncology Specialists, Specialist Doctors for Blood Disorders (Hemato Oncology), and equipped with special treatment rooms to treat cancer patients and space for dispensing cancer drugs in order to integrate services for cancer patients.

Primaya Hospital is committed to providing the best service for cancer sufferers. It is hoped that with the best specialist doctors and the facilities we provide, cancer can be detected early so that it can be treated immediately and complications can be minimized. Primaya Hospital sincerely aims to increase the life expectancy of cancer patients.

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