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Primaya Hospital provides leading medical facilities with operating rooms in the form of the best surgical rooms in Indonesia. Primaya Hospital’s commitment in serving patients can be seen by providing 3 rooms for surgery. This is provided in order to meet the needs of patients and prioritize patient’s safety as proven by our accreditation.

The types of operating rooms are as follows:

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  1. Clean Operating Room is a room used for surgery on areas of the body without inflammation. Operations in this room are carried out without opening the respiratory tract, digestive tract, or urinary tract and billier channel.
  2. Clean Contaminated Operating Room is a room used for surgery by opening the respiratory tract. This room can also be used for digestive, urinary, biliary, or reproductive tract operations. Other types of surgery that can be performed in this room include sectio caesarea (cesarean delivery), appendectomy (appendicitis), suture wounds, or similar surgeries.
  3. Unclean Operating Room is a room that is performed to perform surgery such as in the respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinary tract, biliary tract, or reproductive tract with real pollution. Surgery performed in this room for example is appendectomy perforation (leak) or other similar surgeries.

In addition to the three rooms, the operating room at Primaya Hospital has complete equipment to support various surgeries performed. Primaya Hospital also provides high-tech surgical instruments, such as Laparoscopy, radiofrequency machines, anesthesia machines, c-arm, and various other surgical tools.

Laparoscopic Surgery or binocular surgery is an operation performed through a mini abdominal wall system and inserting camera binoculars into the stomach. When compared with conventional surgery where the average incision requires a minimum of 10 cm, Laparoscopic Surgery only requires an incision of 1 cm.

Besides being supported by sophisticated equipment and technology, surgery performed at Primaya Hospital is also handled by competent medical teams such as Surgical Specialists, Anesthetists, and supported by nurses who are experts in their fields. We apply the same international service standards in each Primaya Hospital branch with the aim of maintaining patient’s safety while undergoing treatment in all branches of the hospital that are incorporated in the Primaya Hospital network.

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