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Physiotherapy is a service which is provided to patients and aims to improve, maintain and restore patient’s health. Physiotherapy can provide solutions when a person has health problems that cause motor malfunction that affects their physical activities. Doctors and physiotherapy experts or known as physiotherapists will assess, make plans, and implement a rehabilitation program that can improve or restore human motor function, optimize motor ability, relieve pain symptoms, and treat or prevent physical problems that are related to injury, illness, or other disorders.

Doctors and physiotherapists will use a variety of physical therapies and techniques, such as motion therapy, lasers, physical exercises, and ultrasound. They may also develop specific programs for screening and prevention of common physical diseases or disorders. Doctors and physiotherapists have special knowledge of how the body works when there is malfunctioning and can take the appropriate action needed.

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Physiotherapy at Primaya Hospital provides services ranging from motor therapy, speech therapy, to stroke therapy. Physiotherapy is also a part of the Trauma Service Center in Primaya Hospital’s medical rehabilitation unit which is handled by experienced doctors and medical personnel, experts in their fields. Primaya Hospital’s medical rehabilitation team is ready to provide assistance for the patient’s recovery.


Patient’s Conditions that need Physiotherapy

People of all ages with various medical conditions can benefit from physiotherapy. However, the decision regarding the patient’s condition requiring physiotherapy depends on the results of the doctor’s examination. The followings are some conditions that may require physiotherapy:

  1. Neurology

Patients with impaired movement and function due to problems in the nervous system and muscles of the body can benefit from neurological physiotherapy. Symptoms of this condition include weakness, poor balance and coordination, muscle spasms or tremors, and loss or reduction in the ability to feel sensations. Here are some examples:

Physiotherapy can help restore the motor skills and with mechanical therapy, it can maintain the posture of patients with neurological disorders.

  1. Neuromusculoskeletal

Neuromusculoskeletal is a disease related to the muscular, nervous, tendon, bone and joint systems. This condition may also require physiotherapy as treatment. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, muscle pain, inflammation and swelling. An examination with imaging methods such as X-rays and CT-Scan is required to diagnose this problem.

  1. Cardiovascular

Patient can also benefit from Physiotherapy when they have cardiovascular disease so that they can be back to their normal activities, for example, patients who have just experienced a heart attack. Through physiotherapy, patients can recover their physical and emotional condition. The cardiovascular physiotherapy program includes exercise sessions as well as education about health and a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Respiration

Doctors and Physiotherapists can help the manage, educate, and advise patients with lung and respiratory system problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. The aims of respiratory physiotherapy are to assess symptoms, understand how they give impact to patient’s daily life, and help manage these symptoms better so that patients can have more control over their breathing.


Techniques of Physiotherapy Services

There are various techniques of physiotherapy treatment. The patient will undergo an examination to help determine the technique of treatment in accordance with the problem being experienced. The three most common techniques of physiotherapy are:

Other techniques sometimes used are acupuncture, ultrasound, and technical modalities that use equipment such as:


How Often Should You Undergo Physiotherapy?

The period length and physiotherapy sessions will depend on the condition which is being treated. For mild conditions, physiotherapy can take a matter of weeks. However, for more severe conditions, optimal recovery may take months of physiotherapy.

Generally, physiotherapy lasts 30-60 minutes per session. At the beginning of the physiotherapy period, the patient may need to undergo 2-3 therapy sessions per week.

Physiotherapy can be done at all Primaya Hospital branches closest to your home. Generally, patients undergo early stage physiotherapy in the hospital. If the condition has improved, physiotherapy can be continued at home in accordance with the instructions from the Doctor and Physiotherapist that give the treatment.

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