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Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara

Jl. Solihin GP No. 180, Kel. Gajah Mada, Kec. Rangkui, Kota Pangkalpinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung 33139

Emergency : 1500007

General Info

As one of Primaya Hospital’s commitments in improving the quality of public health in various regions in Indonesia, Primaya Hospital is now in Pangkal Pinang to provide excellent and comprehensive healthcare services for people in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung and the surrounding areas.

In 2021, Primaya Hospital starts a collaboration with a hospital in Pangkal Pinang, namely RSK Bhakti Wara, which has grown rapidly since it was first established on May 20, 2003. This collaboration was carried out by changing the form and name of RSK Bhakti Wara to Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara.

buat jani dokter primaya

Before changing its name to Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara, RSK Bhakti Wara had already had 24-hour emergency services, 24-hour laboratories, radiology, heart records, outpatient polyclinics (general, dental, internist, obstetrician-gynecologist (obgyn), pediatric, surgical, orthopedic, oral and neurosurgery.), operating rooms, physiotherapy, X-rays, ultrasound, inpatient rooms, baby wards, delivery rooms, and medical check-up services.

In the future, the presence of Primaya Hospital in Pangkal Pinang will provide better services for Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara by adding more specialist doctors who are competent and experienced in various health fields, additional hours of doctor’s practice in outpatient polyclinic, and the addition of other health facilities such as the addition of inpatient beds, ICU, NICU, CT Scan 128 slices, panoramic devices, hemodialysis, and various other latest health technologies.

Located only 15 minutes away from Depati Amir Airport (Pangkal Pinang), Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara has a strategic location and easy access to the people of Pangkal Pinang and its surroundings. We will provide easy payment alternatives ranging from personal payments to BPJS, insurance, or company guarantees.

Supported by medical, nursing personnel and the entire team who are competent in their fields; Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara will provide appropriate and modern healthcare services for the entire community in all the processes of diagnosis, action, therapy, and rehabilitation.

In addition to focusing on healing, Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara supports every patient to lead a healthy life by providing a variety of routine health check-up packages such as the medical check-up package and other various healthcare packages.



Service Quality of Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara

Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara is a hospital in Pangkal Pinang that prioritizes service quality and good quality including:

  • E-MR: Electronic Medical Record

All patient medical records are integrated between units and therefore minimizing errors due to manual records.

  • Short drug waiting time in the Pharmacy

Compounded drug <30 minutes, Non-compounded drug <15 minutes


Doctor Schedule and Emergency Room Number (IGD)

Doctor’s schedule and patient’s registration can be found here or at the number below:

  • Registration of outpatients via WhatsApp at number 0822 8888 9702
  • Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara telephone number (hunting): (0717) 422605
  • Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara telephone number (registration): (0717) 422605
  • Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara ER (IGD) Number: (0717) 422605


Emergency Room’s Registration (IGD)

In an emergency situation, patients can come directly to the emergency room and join the triage with the emergency room nurse. Then, the patient’s family or relatives can register for admission.


Visiting hours

Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara understands the concerns of the patient’s family and relatives to visit and provide moral support. However, please be advised that the patient’s need for rest is necessary in order that speedy and better quality recovery can be acquired. Therefore, Primaya Hospital Bhakti Wara limits visiting hours from 16.00 – 17.00 WIB.



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