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Primaya Hospital provides Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) services as incorrect one part of the Cardiovascular and Cardiac and Vascular Center. CABG heart surgery is a by-pass or heart surgery by using the latest facilities, namely with a heart lung machine. The device can replace the function of the heart while the heart is being operated on.

CABG Heart Surgery and Coronary Heart Disease

We need to realize that our heart beats without stopping. To be able to perform its function, our heart needs blood flow that does not stop through 3 blood vessels in the heart, namely coronary arteries on the right, front left, and left rear. Coronary heart disease occurs when there is a blockage in a blood vessel.

CABG is a heart surgery which is a method of treating coronary heart disease. In this heart surgery, a new channel will be made to overcome the narrowed or blocked blood vessels. One of the narrowing caused by accumulation of fat in the walls of blood vessels that arise from a bad lifestyle. However, not all coronary heart disease requires CABG heart surgery. Treatment of coronary heart disease can use other methods depending on the severity.

The Purpose of CABG Heart Surgery

CABG aims to overcome the lack or obstruction of blood flow due to narrowing and even blockage of blood to the heart muscle which will cause heart disease. Blockages can also be caused by a clot that will block the blood supply to the heart, causing a heart attack. Previously, your cardiologist will confirm the area that is narrowed or blocked by heart catheterization. CABG is an action taken with recommendations from a Cardiologist. By doing CABG, patients will be able to do activities more broadly, unlike before CABG which has many abstain activities due to heart disease.

CABG Heart Surgery for the Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease

CABG heart surgery is performed on patients who cannot be cured by heart ring placement or if there is more than one blocked coronary artery. CABG heart surgery is a method of treating coronary heart disease. Although the risk of surgery is considered high, CABG surgery itself has enormous benefits for the treatment of coronary heart disease. Patients who undergo CABG heart surgery can live several years without symptoms of heart disease that appear so that patients can have an improved quality of life.

CABG surgery is part of the Primaya Hospital’s Cardiac and Vascular Center. In addition to CABG surgery, you can also do electrophysiological examinations, cardiac electrocardiogram (ECG) examinations, cardiac treadmill tests, heart ring installation, and others.

Available at :
Primaya Hospital Tangerang Primaya Hospital West Bekasi

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