Cardiac examination via ECG (Electrocardiogram) is a heart examination to detect abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity produced by the heart, as the heart contracts. ECG Cardiac Examination can help diagnose various conditions of heart disease such as arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders), enlargement of the heart, inflammation of the heart (pericarditis or myocarditis) and coronary heart disease. Cardiac ECG procedures can be performed at Primaya Hospital and are handled by heart and blood vessel specialists and supported by sophisticated medical equipment so that we can provide patient satisfaction for the services and actions that we provide.

ECG examination is performed by patients who have difficulty breathing, chest pain, or an abnormal heartbeat. This heart examination is also done to see the condition of heart health in patients who are at risk of having a heart attack. In some cases, cardiologists ask their patients to have regular ECG checks. The heart doctor will also ask the patient to check the ECG before performing heart surgery or heart surgery.

ECG Heart Examination Process

This heart examination is done by the patient lying in bed. Patients who perform an ECG heart examination are expected to remove the accessories they use so as not to damage the ECG results. Then, the patient’s body will be installed electrodes in the form of thin metal plates and then the patient will be directed by the doctor to inhale and hold his breath according to the doctor’s count. This process is done so that the doctor can record heart activity.

ECG examination does not last long, usually only about 5 to 10 minutes. Furthermore, the results of this cardiac examination will be analyzed by cardiologists to be interpreted and explained to patients.

After When a heart ECG is checked, the patient is allowed to carry out normal activities, but the patient needs to remember the heart disease that the patient may still be suffering from. If the results of an ECG check are unsatisfactory and have an indication of heart disease, then there is a possibility that your cardiologist will ask you for further tests. If this is the case, please follow the instructions of your cardiologist until the examination is complete.

Side Effects of ECG Cardiac Examination

This heart examination is considered safe and painless. Usually, side effects arising from ECG is only in the form of skin allergy to electrodes that are attached to the body. Talk to your cardiologist about your needs for a heart examination.

An ECG heart examination is part of the Primaya Hospital’s Cardiac and Vascular Center. In addition to ECG cardiac examinations, at the Primaya Hospital Cardiovascular and Cardiac and Vascular Center, you can also perform cardiac electrophysiology examinations, heart treadmill tests, cardiac CABG surgery, heart ring installation, and various other services.

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