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A treadmill test is an examination performed to assess the ability of the heart by giving weights or physical activity based on the patient’s condition. Giving weight to the heart is carried out in stages that starts from light activities such as walking on a treadmill to running at a certain speed according to the patient’s ability limits. This test is also known as an exercise stress test and can be performed on other media besides a treadmill, such as a medical stationary bike.

The implementation of this treadmill test is handled by Cardiologists and Vascular Specialists who are experienced in their fields. Information about the condition of the heart will be detected based on the results of this test. Doctors can assess whether the heart is able to provide an adequate blood supply when there is stress or physical stress.


Who Needs a Treadmill Test?

A treadmill test is performed for screening or detection of patients who have impaired heart function such as heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) and coronary heart disease. Patients with risk factors for heart disease such as obesity and hypertension also need to undergo a treadmill test as an effort to detect heart problems early.

The doctor will see how the heart’s ability when there is increased physical activity and determine the next action according to the information obtained from the test results. The doctor may ask the patient to undergo other tests to help make a diagnosis if the treadmill test results do not reflect the patient’s heart condition.


Why is It necessary to Do a Treadmill Test?

The results of a treadmill test can indicate a heart disease. If someone feel that he is experiencing symptoms or has risk factors for heart disease, consulting a Cardiologist for advice on whether to do a treadmill test is necessary. Cardiologists and Vascular Specialists generally recommend a treadmill test to:


Preparation Before the Heart Treadmill Test

A Cardiologist and Vascular Specialist will help determine if a person needs to undergo a treadmill test. For the patient’s own safety, the patient will be initially checked before doing the test because of the possibility of some patient conditions that make it impossible to do a treadmill test.

The treadmill test requires the patient to fast for three hours before undergoing the procedure. Inform the doctor or nurse if you are undergoing a drug therapy or have certain allergies. In order for the patient to be more comfortable during the test on the treadmill, it is necessary for the patient to wear clothes and sports shoes that make the examination easier.


Cardiac Treadmill Test Process

The treadmill test procedure begins with a patient consultation with a cardiologist. Electrodes will be placed on the patient’s chest. This electrode is a plate with wires connected to an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. The doctor will record blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG before, during, and after the treadmill test is done.

The patient is then asked to walk on the treadmill slowly. Within a certain period of time, the treadmill speed will be increased. After about ten minutes, the speed will be lowered until the treadmill stops. Throughout the test, there is a medical team in charge of closely monitoring the patient’s condition. The doctor will be called immediately if the patient experiences symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, or fatigue. After the test, the patient will be asked to lie down while the doctor reviews the test results.


Treadmill Test at Primaya Hospital

Primaya Hospital has a Cardiac and Vascular Center which provides treadmill testing services. Cardiologists and Vascular Specialists as well as a professional and trained medical team are ready to provide services with the support of the cutting-edge technology. Contact Primaya Hospital’s Cardiac and Vascular Center to schedule your Heart Health consultation and a treadmill test. Primaya Hospital also provides examinations and other procedures related to heart health including electrophysiology, ECG, bypass surgery, and heart ring installation.

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