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dr. Andry Kelvianto M.Gizi, SpGK, AIFO-K

Primaya Hospital Bekasi Timur



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08.00 - 13.00


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08.00 - 13.00

dr. Andry Kelvianto as a certified Physician Nutrition Specialist (Spesialis Gizi Klinik) from Universitas Indonesia.

dr. Andry Kelvianto, a physician specialized in nutritional screening and assessment, making planned nutritional intervention and routine follow-up on individual basis to prevent disease-related malnutrition risk and treating malnutrition problem that ensued. dr. Andry Kelvianto also experienced in managing Nutrition and Food service unit in hospital based setting. Having a General Physician degree and master degree in Nutrition, dr. Andry also do a teaching for bachelor-grade university students on general medicine and nutrition related curriculum.

dr. Andry also experienced in managing overweight and obesity related problems in outpatient setting, including usage of various instruments for assessing body fat, body muscle mass, and anthropometric measurements to identify metabolic health risks, also to do continuous intervention follow-up on body weight management to ensure safe and retained weight reduction.”



  • General Medicine, M.D., 2007 – 2013, Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya Jakarta

  • Clinical Nutrition Master deqree, 2016 – 2018, Universitas Indonesia Jakarta

  • Physician Clinical Nutrition (Spesialis Gizi Klinik), 2018-2020, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta

  • AIFO-K (Ahli IImu faal Olahraqa Klinis), Mar 2021, PAIFORI, Bandung, Certification Workshop


  • Workshop 4 JAMCN ""Achievinq A Healthy Weiqht in metabolic Syndrome Throuqh Comprehensive Approach in Daily Practice"", Association of Physician Clinical Nutrition Specialist (PDGKI), Jakarta Branch, Sept 2017

  • Healthy Hydration Master Class Workshop, IMERI – IHWG, Nov 2017

  • Sth JAMCN Workshop ""Tarqetinq Wellness Throuqht Prevention And Management of Deqenerative Diseases"",

    Association of Physician Nutrition Specialist (PDGKI), Jakarta Branch, Aug 2018

  • 2nd Indonesian Hydration and health Conference ""Healthy Hydration: From Science to Awareness & Behaviour Change"",

    Indonesian Hydration Working Group (IHWG), Nov 2018

  • 6th JAMCN Obesity Management Workshop ""Enchancinq The Manaqement of Obesity & Related Diseases throughNutriqenomic Intervention - A New Medical Perspective""

    Association of Physician Nutrition Specialist (PDGKI), Jakarta Branch,, Aug 2019

  • 7th Webinar Series IMERI 2020 : Probiotic, Dietary Quality, Immunity, and Coronavirus IMERI-HNRC, May 2020

  • Webinar ""The Role of Vitamin D in Immune System Related to COVID-19"" IDI DKI Jakarta – Prodia, Jun 2020

  • Webinar ""Covid-19 Update : What We Should Do For the New Normal"" IDI DKI Jakarta – Landson, Jun 2020

  • Webinar ""Pentinqnya Hidrasi bagi Dokter Untuk Sehat & Buqar"" IDI DKI Jakarta - Hijrah Coach - AQUA Danone, Aug 2020

  • Better Care Through Optimal Nutritional Therapy In Malnourished Patients PDGKI OMLET Jaya, Aug 2020

  • 15th Symposium on Nutri Indonesia in conjunction with 7th International Nutrition Symposium, Indonesian Nutrition Association, Sep 2020

  • IHWG Webinar series ""Healthy Hydration : Applied Science for Hydroqenic Environment"" Indonesian Hydration Working Group (IHWG), Oct 2020

  • Update in Gastric Cancer Surqery, Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Bedah Digestif Indonesia (IKABDI), Oct 2020

  • Webinar World Diabetes Day 2020 ""New World, New Hospital"" IDI Banten - Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri, , Nov 2020

  • Consultation Session Speaker of Hari Gizi Nasional CIMSA, Jan 2021

  • Webinar and Sharinq Expertise: Basic Management of Obesity IDI BANDUNG, Jan 2021

  • Webinar OMLET PDGKI series 5 ""A Closer Look In Malnutrition and Malabsorption : The Acknowledqement of A2 Beta-Casein's Benefit""

    PDGKI OMLET Jaya, Feb 2021

  • Webinar Thyroid Awareness Week 2021 ""Holistic Approach to Hyperthyroid, From Basic to Application"" PERKENI

    3rd Series of NutriGEN-ME Interpretation Workshop,, Jun 2021

    Nutrigenomic - University of Toronto – Kalbe

  • Declaration of Qualified Doctor in NutriGEN-ME Interpretation Workshop Nutrigenomix - University of Toronto – Kalbe, Jun 2021

  • Webinar Obesity Series: It's Problems and Manaqement ICTEC RSCM FKUI, , Jun 2021

  • Rapat Koordinasi Nasional ""BERGERAK BERSAMA Untuk Percepatan Penurunan Stuntinq""

    Kementerian Sekretariat Negara RI - Sekretariat Wakil Presiden (Setwapres), Aug 2021

  • Webinar Cancer Series: An Update in Manaqement and Nutrition Therapy


  • 16th Symposium on Nutri Indonesia in conjunction with 8th International Nutrition Symposium

    Indonesian Nutrition Association, Sep 2021

  • Oral Presentation Participation on 16th Symposium on Nutri Indonesia in conjunction with 8th International Nutrition Symposium

    Indonesian Nutrition Association

    Paper title: Medical nutrition therapy of schizophrenic patient with grade 2 obesity and continued antipsychotic drug use,Sept 2021"

Pengalaman Kerja

Physician Nutrition Specialist

Primaya Hospital Bekasi Timur, November 2021 - present

Internship Physician

RSUD Harapan Insan Sendawar Sendawar, Kutai Barat, Kalimantan Timur, 2014 – 2015

Resident Medical Officer

Rumah Sakit Atma Jaya Jakarta, 2015-2016

Clinical Nutrition Resident

Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Cipto Mangunkusumo – Universitas Indonesia Jakarta, 2018 -2020"



Peranan Fitoestroqen dalam penceqahan kanker payudara, 2010

Hubungan asupan protein dengan Health-related quality of life pada pasien kanker kepala leher yanq menjalani radioterapi, 2018


First Writer and Poster Presentation

Protein Intake, Prognostic Nutritional Index and Quality of Life in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Underqoinq Radiotherapy, 2019


First Writer, Published in:

DOI : 10.18585/inabj.v11i1.570

Medical Nutritional Therapy on Schizophrenic patient with qrade 2 obesity and continued antipsychotic drug use, 2021

Nutri 2021 Proceeding book

First writer

Oral presentation on Nutri 2021AnnuaI symposium Winner of Oral presentation competition"

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