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Mother and Child Service Center

Primaya Hospital is very concerned about maternal health and optimal child development. This is proven by the availability of various healthcare services for women by obstetricians and healthcare services for children and infants by pediatricians. As one of the pre-eminent services, the Mother and Child Service Center at Primaya Hospital always provides a variety of women’s healthcare services, women’s fitness (pregnancy and yoga yoga), pregnancy, baby massage, lactation, child growth and development, child immunization, and various other types of services. Primaya Hospital provides you with the best Pediatricians and obstetricians.

Facilities and Services Mother and Child Service Centers

Women’s Healthcare services by Gynecologists

Primaya Hospital provides obstetricians or obstetricians who are reliable in their fields. The obstetrician at Primaya Hospital will serve you by prioritizing friendliness and comfort for the health of you and your fetus. The services provided are not limited only to the service of pregnant women or mothers who are waiting for pregnancy and birth. Primaya Hospital Gynecologist at the Mother and Child Service Center also provides services for women’s health in general. The services we provide are supported by skilled and best obstetricians in the field.

The range of services we provide, some of which are:

  • General gynecology by Doctor Ob-gyn
  • Gynecological oncology by Doctor Ob-gyn
  • Antenatal care by a Pediatrician
  • Family planning by obstetricians
  • Services for infertility by obstetricians
  • Normal and high-risk pregnancies by obstetricians
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic surgery
  • Gynecological surgery
  • Assessment of symptoms and problems of menopause
  • Colposcopy by an obstetrician
  • 3D Ultrasonography (USG) pregnancy examination or 4D Ultrasonography (USG) pregnancy examination by an obstetrician

Children’s Healthcare services by Pediatricians

Primaya Hospital’s concern for children’s health is proven by the availability of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), as well as the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) to maintain the health of your baby. This unit is always guarded by the best pediatricians and medical personnel. In addition, Primaya Hospital also provides child immunizations and other examinations such as Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE) or early hearing detection for infants and Brain Evoked Response Auditory (BERA) by Pediatricians for toddlers.

The services provided by Primaya Hospital are performed by the best and most trusted Pediatricians. Some of the services provided include:

  • Neonatology services
  • Diagnosis and treatment of general health problems such as infections and allergic problems
  • Provision of basic child immunization and booster child immunization
  • Assessment of child growth and development by pediatricians
  • Gastroenterology services

Reliable Pediatrician

Primaya Hospital strives to provide the best Pediatricians to serve your baby. Pediatricians at Primaya Hospital consist of various specialist doctors with different and varied subspecialties, ranging from Pediatricians, Pediatric Cardiac Sub-Specialists, Pediatrician Consultants, and other Subspecialty Doctors.

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