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Primaya Evasari Hospital

Jl. Rawamangun no. 47, Pramuka Jakarta Pusat

Emergency : 1500007

General Info

Primaya Evasari Hospital is a hospital located in Central Jakarta that is a transformation and new form of Awal Bros Evasari Hospital, which was established on June 22, 1976 and up to the present time has been serving a lot of patients, both from Central Jakarta and the surrounding areas.

Primaya Evasari Hospital prioritizes a plenary level nationally accredited hospital (KARS). Primaya Evasari Hospital always puts patient’s safety and PRIMA quality.

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Primaya Evasari Hospital is located 500 meters from the door of Kramat Train Station and is ready to serve patients with a capacity of 115 beds and a number of other facilities. Primaya Evasari Hospital is committed to always developing its facilities with excellent quality in accordance with the community’s healthcare needs.

Primaya Evasari Hospital’s dedication in improving patient health is reflected in the offer of comprehensive healthcare service programs. As a hospital that emphasizes patient’s safety and hospital quality, Primaya Evasari Hospital has a focus on services at the NICU and PICU referral centers as well as Specialist and Subspecialist Services in the DKI Jakarta Region and beyond.

In the processes from diagnosis, action, therapy, to rehabilitation; Primaya Evasari Hospital provides integrated services with other Primaya Hospital networks. This is a form of Primaya Hospital’s commitment to meet the needs of public healthcare services.

In addition to focusing on healing, Primaya Evasari Hospital supports every patient to lead a healthy life by providing various routine healthcare check packages such as medical check-up packages and various other healthcare check packages.

Service Quality of Primaya Evasari Hospital

Primaya Evasari Hospital is a hospital in Evasari that prioritizes good service quality including:

  • E-MR: Electronic Medical Record
    All patient medical records are integrated between units and minimize errors due to manual records.
  • Short waiting times for drug administration in pharmacy
    Mix <30 minutes, Non Mix <15 minutes

Doctor Schedule and Emergency Installation Number (IGD)

Doctor’s registration and schedule can be found here or through the numbers below:

  • Automatic Registration of outpatients via WhatsApp on number: 0822 8888 9702
  • Manual Registration of outpatients via WhatsApp on number: 0877-6540-0100
  • Primaya Evasari Hospital telephone number (hunting): 021 420 1515
  • Primaya Evasari Hospital IGD Number: 021 424 6630

Outpatient Registration

Procedures for Outpatient Registration for New Patients Through WhatsApp
New # Full name # Doctor’s name # Date of visit # Mobile number # Payment guarantee used Payment guarantee used (personal, corporate, insurance, or BPJS)

Procedures for Outpatient Registration for Old Patients Via WhatsApp
Old # Full name # Doctor’s name # Date of visit # Mobile number # Payment guarantee used Payment guarantee used (personal, company, insurance, or BPJS)

Visiting Hours

Primaya Evasari Hospital understands the concerns of the patient’s family and relatives to visit and provide moral support. However, please be advised that the patient’s need for rest is necessary in order that speedy and better quality recovery can be acquired. Therefore, Primaya Evasari Hospital limits visiting hours from 11.00 – 13.00 WIB and 17.00 – 19.00 WIB.

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