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Electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of the tests carried out to measure the electrical activity of the brain to detect brain abnormalities. The EEG test is also called the brain wave test or brain record. The EEG test is not invasive. The EEG procedure is to attach electrodes along the scalp. EEG measures the voltage fluctuations that result from ionic currents in the brain.

This EEG test is effective for diagnosing seizure disorders such as signs of epilepsy or detecting Alzheimer’s. In addition, EEG is also a scanning procedure for coma or organic brain syndrome and can act as an indicator of brain death. Tumors, abscesses, brain scarring, and blood clots and infections can cause electrical activity that is different from the normal pattern of rhythm and speed that will be detected by using EEG.

Primaya Hospital provides EEG facilities to accommodate a more accurate diagnosis so that the therapy given will be more appropriate.

EEG Test Preparation

Before the EEG test, the patient should not consume coffee, tea, chocolate, or drink soda. These drinks should be avoided because they have the effect of stimulating EEG wave changes. In addition to these drinks, patients should also pay attention to blood sugar level as it can cause changes in the brain wave patterns. The EEG test takes 45 to 60 minutes or longer if the test performed is a sleep EEG. Make sure that the patient consult a Neurologist before doing the EEG.

EEG Test Procedure

In this examination, electrodes will be attached the patient’s scalp to record electrical activity in various places in the head. During the process, brain activity will be recorded on a piece of paper called an encephalogram. During this examination, the patient is asked to lie down calmly. Some patients perform EEG procedures while the patient is asleep because some abnormal brain waves can only be seen when the patient is sleeping.

EEG Test Results

By using EEG, the results of analysis are obtained from the test to detect and find the place of abnormal electrical activity that occurs in the brain. With EEG test results, we can determine the focus of seizures and sources of irritation such as tumors or abscesses. An EEG test can also diagnose metabolic disorders and sleep disorders.

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