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Hemodialisa adalah terapi cuci darah di luar tubuh untuk seseorang yang ginjalnya tidak bekerja secara normal. Hemodialisa RS Awal Bros siap melayani pasien 24 jam. Didukung kerjasama tim yang beranggotakan dokter umum yang bersertifikat HD, dokter penyakit dalam, dokter nefrologi, serta perawat yang terampil, mahir dan bersertifikat.

Hemodialysis is dialysis therapy outside the body for someone whose kidneys do not work normally. This therapy is supported by teamwork consisting of Internal Medicine Specialists/ internists, Nephrologists, HD (Hemodialysis) Certified General Physicians and skilled, proficient and certified nurses. Hemodialysis Services Primaya Hospital is able to provide comfort and safety for patients while undergoing this therapy in the hospital.

Healthy kidneys can cleanse your blood. The kidneys also form substances that keep the body healthy. Hemodialysis replaces some of the benefits of the kidneys when the kidneys are no longer working. Hemodialysis is needed when the kidneys are no longer able to work properly so that the body has substances that should have been removed from the blood or body fluids. This condition usually makes the patient experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, swelling, to weakness and lethargy. However, these symptoms do not always appear.

How Does Hemodialysis Work?

The machine acts as an artificial kidney (human-made kidney) that is used to cleanse the blood. To perform hemodialysis, the doctor needs to make access to the patient’s blood vessels, usually in the hands. Inside this machine, there are parts in charge of filtering the patient’s blood.

Hemodialysis can get rid of dirty substances or waste, salt, and excess water in the patient’s blood. In addition, some chemicals in the body are also maintained balance and maintain blood pressure.

This therapy can be done for three to four times a week. How much therapy a patient needs depends on how well your kidneys are working, how much fluid you get between each therapy, how much you weigh, how much dirty substances are in your blood, and the type of Hemodialysis device used. The doctor will give the patient an explanation of how much dialysis the patient needs to do in one week.

Does Hemodialysis Need a Special Diet?

Patients who are doing HD therapy are recommended to increase protein consumption. Patients with diabetes or other health conditions will have a more restrictive diet. For patients with special health conditions, patients should consult with a doctor at Primaya Hospital.

The team that handles patients in the therapy process will maintain and monitor the therapy thriugh various examinations to ensure the smoothness of the process.

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