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Mammography examination is a method for detecting breast cancer. Mammography is important to know the presence of breast cancer so that treatment and therapy can be done earlier. Mammography is intended for patients over the age of 35 years. Meanwhile, for younger patients, the detection of breast cancer is done through Ultrasonography (USG) of the breast. Mammography Examination is one of the facilities of Primaya Hospital’s Mother and Child Service Center.

With mammography, it can be clearly seen the difference in density of a tumor with surrounding tissue, especially in older women. This happens because the absorption of X-rays by the tumor tissue will be more than the surrounding tissue. Mammography is also used to recognize breast malignancies in patients who are clinically palpable lumps, both on the same breast or contralateral breast. Mammography can see microcalcifications which are sometimes the only ones that lead to malignancy. In addition, Mammography also acts as a careful assessment of cases of breast malignancy to see the radiation or isostatic response.

Limitation: Mammography plays less role in women under the age of 30 because women’s breasts under the age of 30 often have fibro glandular tissue.

Mammography Examination Indications

Mammography is performed on women who have lumps or discomfort in their breasts. This examination is also done on people with a history of high risk for getting breast malignancies, including a family history of cancer, not breastfeeding, and early menarche. Mammography can also be done if there is an enlarged suspicious axillary gland. Other conditions that make a person recommended for Mammography are due to the presence of a Paget’s disease of the nipple and the search for the cause of metastasis but the primary tumor has not been found yet.

Mammography Examination Process

The patient is asked to stand in front of the machine with the chest open. For several minutes, the breast will be pressed horizontally by using two plastic plates. Pressure on the breast for some time may make it uncomfortable, but the flatter the breast, the better the resulting image. On each side of the breast 2 images will be taken.

Abnormalities in Mammogram results can be identified by the appearance of primary and secondary signs. The primary sign is the discovery of tumors with increased density, irregular boundary tumors, spicula shape or have a tail like a comet, and found specific microcalcifications. Secondary signs are changes in the skin in the form of thickening and retraction, asymmetrical density, state of the tumor area and irregular fibro glandular tissue, and enlarged axillary glands.

Available at :
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