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Panoramic examination is one of the X-rays (Roentgen) used in dentistry to get a picture of teeth and surrounding soft tissue. Panoramic examination is a non-invasive examination and is a simple extraoral procedure that describes the maxillary and mandibular regions in one film. This examination is also recommended for pediatric patients, physically handicapped patients, or patients with reflex disorders. Usually, another examination procedure (periapical radiography) will be performed to complement the Panoramic X-ray in making the diagnosis.

This examination does not require a prior special examination. However, tell your doctor if there is a possibility that you are pregnant. Do not use jewelry, glasses, or metal objects that might interfere with X-Ray shooting.

Panoramic is an examination that is usually done by a dentist or a specialist in oral surgery in establishing the diagnosis of the disease in his patients. This examination provides information to the doctor about maxillary sinus, tooth position, and bone abnormalities in the mouth area. Panoramic examination is used to design therapy or treatment in dental and oral patients. In addition, X-ray Panoramic can detect abnormalities in the periodontal, cysts in the jawbone, jaw tumors or oral cancer, teeth that are disrupted due to newly growing back teeth (wisdom teeth), jaw abnormalities, sinusitis, and abnormalities related to other mouth areas.

Dental X-ray Panoramic Examination Procedure

In a dental X-ray panoramic examination, the patient must wear an apron protector and use a bite holder. During the examination, the patient is asked to close the lips and press the tongue and the patient’s hands are holding to keep it balanced and not moving. Next, the patient’s chin will be positioned to touch the chin place on the panoramic examination machine. During the examination, the patient is expected not to move his head (will be assisted with head restraints) and be asked to breathe normally and not too deeply.

Advantages and Risks of Dental X-ray Panoramic Examination

Panoramic X-ray (dental X-ray) does not leave radiation on the patient’s body after the examination is done. In addition, dental X-rays usually do not have side effects. Therefore, dental X-rays are safe for use in young patients because the film from the Panoramic X-ray does not need to be placed in the mouth. However, for the sake of safety, it is better for female patients to tell the doctor if there is a possibility that she is pregnant.

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