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Medical Check Up (MCU) at Primaya Hospital provides a comprehensive health screening service for the community. The diagnostic services available at Primaya Hospital are supported by the latest medical facilities which are supported by health professionals who provide the best accuracy and accuracy of diagnosis.

Why Should You Carry Out a Medical Check Up?

Health check-up is very important to be done regularly. Schedule a consultation or meeting with a doctor at Primaya Hospital to discuss the medical examination you need. Conducting medical check-ups can help you to find out which disease you are in and might suffer before the problem occurs. By knowing your illness early, you will get treatment faster and the possibility of recovery is higher. At the time of medical check-up, many things are considered by the medical team such as your age, family health history, lifestyle (diet, physical activity carried out, smoking or not), as well as other health factors that can affect the results of medical check-ups.

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Preferred Medical Check Up

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENKES RI) recommends weighing, measuring abdominal circumference, checking blood pressure, and checking blood sugar regularly. Meanwhile, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), health checks that should be done are:

In addition to these examinations, it is also advisable to conduct routine cardiac examinations, considering the heart morbidity rate in Indonesia is quite high. Examination of breast and cervical cancer is also very necessary to be done on women, especially women aged over 45 years. Discuss with your doctor at Primaya Hospital regarding examinations that are suitable for you, such as mammography, breast ultrasound, or other examinations.

Preparation Before Medical Check Up

Some medical check-ups require preparation. The type of preparation varies, depending on the medical examination to be performed. There are examinations that require fasting before being conducted, there are also checks that can only be done after menstruation, or some other special conditions. Discuss with your doctor at Primaya Hospital before you do a medical check-up.

Primaya Hospital has a competent medical team. We apply the same international service standards in every Primaya Hospital branch that aims to maintain patient’s safety while undergoing treatment in all branches of the hospital that are incorporated in the Primaya Hospital network.

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