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Karawang, April 5, 2020 – The health-care business is today faced with the issue of delivering good services while dealing with a variety of new epidemics and the community’s growing demand for healthcare services.

Primaya Hospital Group, as one of the hospital groups that continues to innovate in providing public health services, recognizes this. Primaya Hospital Group is the new name for Awal Bros Group Hospital, which has undergone a change. This name change took place in April 2020 as a sign of commitment from Awal Bros Group Hospital’s shareholders, management, and complete staff to give higher quality and service to all sectors of society.

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Although the name has changed, according to Leona A. Karnali, Chief Operating Officer of Primaya Hospital Group, the shareholder component of Primaya Hospital Group remains the same as the shareholding makeup of RS Awal Bros Group.

Primaya Hospital Karawang is a hospital branch of Awal Bros Group Hospital that was first created under the name Primaya Hospital and is located on Jl. Commercial Galuh Mas Blok X, Teluk Jambe Timur, Karawang, West Java, 41361. “Primaya Hospital Tangerang, Primaya Hospital Evasari Jakarta, Primaya Hospital Bekasi Barat, Primaya Hospital East Bekasi, Primaya Hospital North Bekasi, Primaya Hospital Makassar, and Primaya Hospital Betang Pambelum Palangka Raya will all change their names to Primaya Hospital in the future,” Leona said.

Primaya Hospital Karawang will function in accordance with the Primaya Hospital Group’s vision and objective, which is to provide a network of international level health services with comprehensive care. PRIMA (P) Professional, (R) Neat, (I) Worship, (M) Listening, and (A) Assertive are the organizational values that the whole Primaya Hospital Group workforce adheres to at all times.


Primaya Hospital Karawang has a total capacity of 106 beds for inpatients and offers a wide range of medical services, including:

  1. The Mother and Child Center

Primaya Hospital Karawang is committed to maternal health and optimal child development, and offers a wide range of services for women, children, and infants, including feminine health, women’s fitness (pregnancy exercise and yoga), pregnancy, baby massage, lactation, child development, and a variety of other services.

  1. Trauma Service Center

Primaya Hospital Karawang features a world-class Trauma Service Center that provides comprehensive care for patients suffering from injuries or trauma. This Trauma Service Center is staffed by trauma surgeons and non-surgical specialists with extensive experience in the field, as well as professional nurses with advanced trauma training.

  1. Urology Center

The Urology Service Center at Primaya Hospital Karawang treats disorders with the male and female urinary tracts as well as the male reproductive system. Urology specialists at Primaya Hospital Karawang are skilled in the use of cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology, including 128-slice CT scans, USG, ESWL (stone breaking therapy), and a variety of other procedures.


In addition, Primaya Hospital Karawang provides other services such as:

  1. Meningitis or Hajj Vaccine to protect Hajj and Umrah pilgrims from transmitting Meningitis for 3 years experienced in the trauma area and are served by competent nurses who have received special trauma training.
  2. The greatest approach to safeguard your infant from disease is to immunize him or her.
  3. Stroke therapy and treatment to reduce stroke impairment.
  4. Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that tries to enhance, maintain, and restore a patient’s health.
  5. The ideal operating room is in the operation room.
  6. Intermediate Care (IMC) and High Care Unit (HCU) rooms for patients who require extra care but do not require a ventilator.
  7. Complete hematology, blood biochemistry, hormone or endocrine, immunology and viruses, blood clotting factors, anatomical pathology, microbiology, and other laboratory tests are performed in the laboratory.
  8. Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) as a heart disease intensive care unit.
  9. Medical Check Up, which offers a wide range of services for both individuals and businesses (mass).
  10. Critical Care Unit (ICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for intensive care rooms, depending on the health status of the patient.
  11. Within 5 kilometers of the hospital, there is a free 24-hour emergency and ambulance service.


Primaya Hospital Karawang has a number of doctors that are experts in their disciplines, as well as skilled human resources. In accordance with the hospital’s vision, mission, values, and quality policy, Primaya Hospital Karawang aspires to address the health requirements of the community, particularly in Karawang Regency and its environs.

Primaya Hospital Karawang starts to open its polyclinics and Emergency Units (IGD) in early April 2020, with 24-hour emergency services. All of these services are backed up by cutting-edge medical technology, such as:

  1. 128 slice-CT Scan (Computerized Tomography)
  2. X Ray
  3. Panoramic (Dental X-ray)
  4. 3D and 4D Ultrasound for Pregnancy
  5. Laparoscopy (Minimum Incision Surgery)
  6. Angiography (cardiac catheter – heart ring)
  7. ESWL therapy (stone breaking therapy)
  8. Gastrointestinal endoscopy

People in Karawang and the surrounding areas can register for outpatient examinations online via WhatsApp at 08111 777 811, while those in need of 24-hour emergency care can call the Primaya Hospital Karawang Emergency Installation at 0267-841-7777. You can reach the Primaya Hospital Karawang phone center at 0267-8417-000 for additional details.

In accordance with the Primaya Hospital Group’s motto, Here For You, we will always be there and ready to serve you by giving the best service and maintaining a high morale so that we can finish the work thoroughly.

Primaya Hospital Group is a hospital group that has high service standard and puts a priority on patient safety. The Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS) has given the Primaya Hospital Group national accreditation, and two of our twelve hospitals have been given international accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI). We provide comprehensive healthcare services to Indonesians and foreign nationals (foreigners), as well as patient services with Company/Insurance/BPJS/KIS assurances and backed by cutting-edge technologies. Primaya Hospital Group is spread across Indonesia’s major cities and provinces to satisfy public health needs, with strategic locations and good accessibility to ensure that people’s health needs are met. Cardiac and Vascular center, Mother and Child center, trauma services, and cancer treatment are among the many quality services available to patients. Emergency services, operating rooms, intensive care units, hemodialysis units, physiotherapy, radiology, laboratories, and pharmacies are all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Primaya Hospital Group. We also offer a huge parking lot, a patient information room, a comfortable poly room, a lactation room, a children’s play area, ATM Center, prayer room, WiFi for patient’s family, canteen, and lobby area.


For more information, please contact:

Hanie Dewita (Hanie)                                                             

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication                                         

Primaya Hospital Group

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