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Three-Dimensional Ultrasonography (3D Ultrasound) Pregnancy Examination allows a mother to see her fetus in 3-dimensional images. With 3-dimensional ultrasound, the operator doctor can see the baby in more detail such as to find out if the baby has cleft lip, know the heart parts, and various other internal organs. The best time to do a 3-dimensional ultrasound pregnancy examination is at the 26th to 30th week of gestation. Regarding the safety of antenatal care, until now there has been no scientific evidence that shows that ultrasound is dangerous for developing fetuses. However, an ultrasound examination should be done based on a doctor’s advice or there are medical reasons.

Unlike 2D ultrasound pregnancy examinations, 3D ultrasound will give your Obstetrician and Gynecologist to see the width, height, and depth of the fetus. Ultrasound examination will be very useful for establishing a diagnosis of fetal health problems during pregnancy.

At the time of the 3D ultrasound pregnancy examination, the mother will lie on the examination bed. The Obstetrics and Gynecologist will apply the gel to the mother’s stomach and pelvis. This gel is water based so it will not leave marks on clothes or skin from the mother. This gel will help the sound waves go well so as to facilitate the 3D ultrasound pregnancy examination conducted.

Next, the examiner will use an ultrasound (transducer) handle on the abdomen. This handle will be moved over the surface of the mother’s abdominal skin. The examiner may ask the mother to hold her breath or shift while using the transducer. This is done to take an image in the stomach so that it appears on the monitor.

Benefits of 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Tests

The use of 3D ultrasound in pregnant women can be beneficial to:

3D Ultrasound Pregnancy examination is safe to do for pregnant women and prospective babies. This pregnancy checkup serves to help the doctor ob-gyn see the problems that exist in pregnancy so that the problem can be dealt with quickly. Even so, it is not recommended to do 3D ultrasound too often because it can expose the fetus to too many ultrasonic waves. Pregnancy checks are available at Primaya Hospital’s Mother and Child Care Center. Besides 3D Ultrasound, there is also a 4D ultrasound examination service at Primaya Hospital.

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