Computerized Tomography Scan (CT Scan) is a procedure that uses X-rays with results processed using a computer to produce images in the slices so that the image of the slices taken can be seen in more detail. With this technique, the resulting image will be far more detailed than an ordinary X-ray so that it can help with a more accurate diagnosis.

CT Scan is a non-invasive and simple examination. The patient is asked to lie down on an examination table that will enter the CT Scan machine shaped like a tunnel. Before doing a CT scan, the doctor will conduct an examination in advance for consultation and preparation. Normally, the patient is asked to fast for several hours if the patient is about to undergo a CT scan with a contrast fluid injection. Before doing a CT scan, the patient should inform the doctor about allergies, history of treatment being carried out, or other special conditions such as pregnancy.

The Purpose of CT Scan Examination

CT Scan is an examination tool that can be done to detect many things such as assessing the condition of blood vessels in patients with coronary heart disease, pulmonary embolism, enlargement of aortic blood vessels, and other blood vessel abnormalities. CT scan can also be used to observe metastasis (spread), location, and type of tumor or cancer.

The use of CT scans can help the Cardiologist in determining a more accurate way or method in handling cases of heart attack. This tool can also be used to observe accident cases.

Prohibition of CT Scan Examination

Not everyone can undergo a CT scan because X-ray exposure given during the examination process can cause interference with certain body systems. Therefore, it is better for children or pregnant women not to do this examination. Pediatric patients tend to be vulnerable to X-rays because their bodies are still in the process of growth. It goes the same way as in pregnant women who need to maintain fetal growth. CT Scan Examination should be discussed first with your doctor and must go through the doctor’s approval.

Besides CT Scan, Primaya Hospital also provides MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination

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