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Cataract Eyes

Cataracts are the opacification of the lens of the eye resulting in blurring of vision. Eye cataracts do not cause pain and are very common.

With cataracts, the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy and the light entering the eye becomes blocked. Generally, the lens of the eye will slowly become cloudy and foggy with age. If not operated immediately, eye cataracts can cause blindness for sufferers. It can be said, eye cataract is a disease that usually occurs along with our age. Besides the age factor, other causes of cataracts are due to trauma, taking drugs, or other disease factors such as diabetes.

Cataract Symptoms

Cataracts usually appear in someone over the age of 45 years. Symptoms of cataracts usually include blurred vision, fogging, and glare when seeing light. In general, the symptoms of cataracts are usually marked by frequent changes in glasses because they are blurred when they see. If you feel the symptoms of cataracts as mentioned above, it would not hurt you to check your eyes to the nearest ophthalmologist for treatment of your cataracts.

Cataract Treatment

Eye cataracts cannot be removed with medication. Cataract treatment can only be done by cataract surgery by an ophthalmologist. There are several cataract surgery techniques. The advanced technique that is currently often used by ophthalmologists is the Phacoemulsification technique. With cataract surgery, the lens of a patient affected by cataract will be replaced with an artificial eye lens. So, the only treatment for cataract is only to do cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery at Primaya Hospital with Phacoemulsification Technology

Primaya Hospital has Phacoemulsification technology, the most advanced cataract surgery technique. Many lay people who call this technology as laser eye technology. With this technique, the Ophthalmologist will use ultrasonic vibrations to destroy the lens of the eye affected by cataracts. Cataract surgery is safe for all patients, including infants with congenital cataracts to elderly patients.

With Phacoemulsification, the ophthalmologist does not need to make a wide incision so that cataract operations can be done quickly, easily, safely, and without stitches so that patients who have performed cataract operations can return to normal activities in a short amount of time.

All cataract operations at Primaya Hospital are performed by ophthalmologists who are trained and experienced in their fields. Click here to find information about Ophthalmologists at Primaya Hospital.

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