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Jakarta, 12 November 2021 – The safety of Indonesian workers is a critical issue that must be prioritized. Every worker should be protected from himself, particularly from work-related injuries.

Primaya Hospital Makassar supports the employment social security program by providing free BPJS Employment premium compensation to 500 vulnerable workers in Makassar and its environs who do not have work accident insurance.

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Employee Participation Protects Nearest Vulnerable Workers (Employee Participation Protects Nearest Vulnerable Workers) is a three-month program. “Even though Primaya Hospital Makassar initially only provided us with three months of free premium, we did not rule out the prospect of extending this free premium compensation in the long run,” said Dr. Merry Monica, Director of Primaya Hospital Makassar.

Workers will receive work accident insurance (JKK) and death insurance (JKM) as part of the free premium compensation supplied by Primaya Hospital Makassar. The protection in question includes assurances against the danger of Workplace Accidents (beginning with travel to, returning from, and during work) as well as diseases induced by the workplace. The treatment provided is unrestricted care (according to medical needs).

Workers will also be compensated for wages lost due to work accidents (100 percent during the first 12 months, 50% the following month until recovered), compensation for death due to work accidents (48 times the wages reported by participants), and scholarship assistance for two children (education scholarships for two children of participants who died or suffered permanent total disability due to work accidents a maximum of Rp. 174 million), assistance in getting ready to go back to work (assistance to participants who experience work accidents and occupational diseases, starting from the participant being admitted to the hospital until the participant is able to return to work).

“We know that workers’ safety at work is a concern. “With the protection of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, workers’ quality of life will be better assured, and workers will feel safe while carrying out their work activities,” stated Dr. Merry Monica, Director of Primaya Hospital Makassar.

Primaya Hospital Makassar offers a wide range of services for patients who are suffering from injuries or trauma. “Trauma services at Primaya Hospital Makassar play an essential role in the community since they can help people recover from work injuries, accidents on the road or in public areas, and even incidents at home.” The importance of time in the event of an accident cannot be overstated. “As a result, every second counts when it comes to patient safety,” stated Dr. Merry Monica, Director of Primaya Hospital Makassar.

Patients at Primaya Hospital Makassar can benefit from a wide range of advanced technology, including 1.5 Tesla MRI, CT Scan 128 Slices, USG, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation), Ray Therapy, and more.

Trauma services at Primaya Hospital Makassar are supported by a team of competent doctors consisting of Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Digestive Surgeons, and Non-Surgeons with experience in handling emergencies. The doctors at Primaya Hospital Makassar are backed up by a team of trained nurses who have received trauma-specific training such as Basic Life Support (BLS), Basic Trauma Cardiac Life Support (BTCLS), and Emergency First Aid (PPGD). The entire medical staff is dedicated to keeping the patient well.

Medical rehabilitation treatments, including as physiotherapy, are also available at Primaya Hospital Makassar to assist patients in their recovery after surgery. Speech therapy to stroke therapy are among the physiotherapy services offered.

Primaya Hospital Group is a hospital group that has high service standard and puts a priority on patient safety. The Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS) has given the Primaya Hospital Group national accreditation, and two of our twelve hospitals have been given international accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI). We provide comprehensive healthcare services to Indonesians and foreign nationals (foreigners), as well as patient services with Company/Insurance/BPJS/KIS assurances and backed by cutting-edge technologies. Primaya Hospital Group is spread across Indonesia’s major cities and provinces to satisfy public health needs, with strategic locations and good accessibility to ensure that people’s health needs are met. Cardiac and Vascular center, Mother and Child center, trauma services, and cancer treatment are among the many quality services available to patients. Emergency services, operating rooms, intensive care units, hemodialysis units, physiotherapy, radiology, laboratories, and pharmacies are all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Primaya Hospital Group. We also offer a huge parking lot, a patient information room, a comfortable poly room, a lactation room, a children’s play area, ATM Center, prayer room, WiFi for patient’s family, canteen, and lobby area.


For more information, please contact:

Hanie Dewita (Hanie)

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication

Primaya Hospital Group

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