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COVID-19 Examination

The following are the types of Covid-19 checks that you can do at Primaya Hospital:







We are Ready to Provide Excellent Service

Get international standard services that are supported by the latest technology.

Served by a team of experienced and competent doctors, and all employees who serve wholeheartedly at Primaya Hospital. We always strive to provide excellent service for all customers.

Primaya Hospital’s Excellences

Possessing National (ICAHO/KARS) and International (JCI) Accreditations

Primaya Hospital is committed to providing excellent services by prioritizing the quality of patient’s safety and security which reflects on the national accreditation of Primaya Hospital by Indonesian Commission on Accreditation of Hospital (ICAHO/KARS) and two of Primaya Hospital's hospitals internationally which have been internationally accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Excellent Healthcare Services

Primaya Hospital is capable in providing comprehensive healthcare services for the people of Indonesia as well as foreign citizens (foreigners). The payment method at Primaya Hospital ranges from a personal payment, company guarantees, insurance, to BPJS. Primaya Hospital provides services with good technology and quality in accordance with community needs, that is to provide health solutions for the community

Ease of Access

To reach public’s health needs, Primaya Hospital Group is located in many strategic locations throughout several regions and major cities in Indonesia that makes it easily accessible so that the community's need for healthcare services can be sufficiently fulfilled.

Complete Facilities

Primaya Hospital has complete service facilities including Emergency, Radiology, Laboratory, and Pharmacy services that serve the community 24 hours a day. In addition, Primaya Hospital has a large parking area, patient education room, comfortable poly space, lactation room, play area at Children's Poly, ATM Center, Musholla, Wi-Fi for patients' families, canteens, and a comfortable lobby area. Primaya Hospital has excellent services for patients, namely Heart and Blood Vessel Services, Mother and Child Services, Trauma Services, and Oncology Services (Cancer.

Center Of Excellence

Pusat Layanan Jantung dan Pembuluh Darah, rumah sakit awal bros, dokter bedah jantung
Cardiac and Vascular Center

Primaya Hospital provides excellent services in Cardiovascular and Blood Vessel Services to meet the needs of qualified services for heart health. Supported by professional medical personnel, paramedics and non-medical personnel, Cardiovascular and Cardiac services at Primaya Hospital are equipped with modern medical equipment.

Pusat Layanan Ibu dan Anak, rumah sakit awal bros, rumah sakit ibu dan anak, konsultasi dokter kandungan, proses bayi tabung
Mother and Child Service Center

As a form of commitment to maternal health and child development, Primaya Hospital provides Mother and Child Service Center through various healthcare services for women, children and infants including women's health, women's fitness (pregnancy gymnastic and yoga), pregnancy, baby massage, lactation, child development and various other types of services.

Pusat Layanan Trauma, rumah sakit awal bros, rumah sakit trauma, fisioterapi
Trauma Service Center

Trauma Service Center is one of the leading services related to the management of patients with emergency conditions caused by injury or trauma. The Trauma Service Center is supported by a variety of surgical and non-surgical specialist doctors who are experienced in the field of trauma. In addition, the Trauma Service Center at Primaya Hospital is handled by skilled, competent nurses, and has received special training in the field of trauma such as Basic Life Support (BLS), Basic Trauma Cardiac Life Support (BTCLS), and Emergency First Aid (PPGD).

Pusat Layanan Onkologi, rumah sakit awal bros, rumah sakit kanker
Oncology Service Center

Primaya Hospital provides Oncology services supported by professional and competent medical personnel and equipped with modern facilities. Primaya Hospital provides Mammography, Ultrasonography (USG) Mammae, Pap Smear, Vaccines, Bronchoscopy, Endoscopy and Tumor Surgery. With this wide range of services, it is expected that various cancers can be detected and treated early, complications can be minimized, and the patient's recovery and the life expectancy of cancer sufferers can increase.

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